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Hi everyone, I am planning to get aircon for my parent's place which is a 30 year old 3A HDB. I have learnt quite a lot of about aircon in this thread, thanks to the gurus. Based on what I have gathered so far, I think the ME inverter system 2 (starmex?) is the best choice as I am looking for cost savings and ease of maintenance.

Regarding installation workmanship and who to buy from, I haven't seen much recommendations posted here, maybe it is not allowed. I saw that many here buy from GC but the reviews were mixed. So can anyone recommend which dealer should I buy from and can provide good installation?

care to share your quotation?
I'm also looking to install one unit but don't want to invest too much as I will getting my new flat late 2015 or 2016.

any expert to share thoughts?
mine is 3rm the old flat type.
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