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Got to say it's been great using the online account to purchase U.S etf but recently I'm exploring at buying a few singapore stocks with the online platform and will like to check on the following:

- Do we own the stocks or does SC acts as a custodian e.g. annual report and voting rights
- We still have to adhere to minimum 1 lot 1000 stocks right?
- Any hidden fees for SC handling our yield/dividends?

- your shares are with the custodian. Not under your CDP. No AGM whatsoever.
- there are a few stocks that offer 100 too like Nikko AM STI ETF, Singtel 100 etc...
- no hidden fees. Those fees are seen at the point pf placing your order. Dividends are paid fairly to your securities settlement acc usually 1 day later than those under CDP.
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