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But the power consumption is also a lot higher.
It is not exactly home router 24hr power friendly.
A better option is to choose a consumer router SoC with hardware encryption.
Exactly the same Astrill VPN server as post #372 in this thread, I'm getting >160Mbps D/L & U/L with 1 to 2% CPU load on the MikroTik CCR1009 (9-core 1.2GHz Tilera processor).

On a MikroTik RB2011UiAS (single-core 600MHz Atheros processor), I'm getting ~50Mbps D/L & U/L on the same VPN server with 100% CPU load.

Both results are with encryption whereas the one on post # 372 is without which should have a lighter load on the router's processor but just look at those weak numbers on his Asus.
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