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Could you please elaborate and explain why you believe A2H would suit me better?

I like both Merlin and SE846 but they are not perfect IMO. To give you a better idea, here are my thoughts:

+ dynamic, powerful, engaging bass
+ good soundstage
- mids are a bit too recessed
- treble extension could be better

+ compared to Merlin has a more spacious soundstage but I feel the space could be filled up better at times
+ impressive detail / instrument separation, more refined than Merlin
- bass extension is good but sounds dry and lacks body/weight of a dynamic driver and therefore sounds unnatural at times
- highs are too rolled off and lack that extra bit of sparkle even with white filter

I do prefer slightly forward mids which is why I'm considering the V model. But I'm afraid it might lack in bass then. I heard that in terms of bass quantity it goes like A1D > A2H > A2H-V. Since I can't demo them, this information isn't very helpful. This is why I'm asking if anyone living in singapore had the chance to listen to these and can compare against Merlin or SE846 which would be much more helpful for me.

I can tell you a very honest opinion... it is difficult to find an IEM that sits between Merlin and SE846... As i myself owns a Merlin and also listened to the SE846.

Probably the few IEM can maybe sit in between is the Rooth LS10, Noble K10, Audio Technica IM70, RHA MA600, Xiaomi Piston II, Unique Melody Mentor (maybe?), JVC HA-FX850/750...

But the 1 Driver AcousticWerks is good for its price.... once burn in.. the sound may improve significantly.
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