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Standard Chartered Customer Care sucks, but if you really need to whack them, these are the emails: Lum, Jacqueline Shuet Lyn Jacqueline.Lum(at) Team Manager, Customer Care Unit

She can't do much, keeps screwing up everything but can apologise until the cows come home and give you a free hamper

be aware that she'll do stupid dumbass things like telling you she's older than you from your data, I reminded her of Misuse of Data Act and Privacy Policy...

another email to bombard - Lee, Fiona PY Fiona-PY.Lee(at)
Please declare. Are you from a competing broker?

Check the beginning of this thread. I have been a regular and pioneer SCB user. Overall I am satisfied for the price I am paying.

The account has saved me tons of $$$.
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