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Quote common not to know lah. Good that your unit MRed you. I used to think leave it to my unit to track. That was a mistake. They didn't quite know, so everyone confused. You still got watch. haha, I think if I get a proper response from my unit very good already.

Very good clarifications. Should help fellow brothers who are still awaiting their MRs.

Though for my case, I do not really know how many ORNS activities I did. I have MRed 2 years back. All I know is I have servered 7 High Keys starting from I think November 1998 till November 2011, gotten the Hamilton Watch on my 6th High Key if I remember correctly and MRed back in March 2012. Hence I clocked 12 years. At first thought still waiting for 2 more low keys (only did 1) or 2 more high keys.
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