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me....i upgrade to a 1TB hybrid.....what's the point of having a large disk without using it? Plus, more convenient as i no need swap disk. I still remember the day Infamous SS release...i bought it digitally on psn store and push it to my ps4 (which is always on standby since i use remote play away from home alot using vita)....

by the time i return home from work at night, the game is downloaded, installed and ready to go! No need to go shop buy disc, insert disc and install, wait, etc...

obviously i can't sell away the game after i finished it but i am not a seller of games anyway so it's a mute point for me.
yea I'm going with this too (got the 1TB Seagate SSHD from Amazon. did you do the same?)

and YES Remote Play is the main reason behind full digital

but man I'm using US PSN... Day One Purchases are not cheap at all
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