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You will do History mods, but you won't do a full load like History majors. Selected Mods. If i had to estimate, you'll probably do year 1/2 History mods. You'll have to pick a second subject to major in. Like for me, I took English/Geo.

So you'll be expected to take English + Geo + Teaching pedagogy mods. There's very little chance to chose 'electives' outside of your needed mods, but it's possible to do them.

Iirc, it's a Bachelor of Arts, secondary route with concentration in History right ? I can't really give you a spec syllabus since you can chose quite alot of different mods to take. But if you're doing history, be mentally prepared to take on SE Asian history. And i think you'll get asked to teach SS too.

yupp BA and they offered me history prior to the interview. does that mean i can only do mods in history and on eonther subject? i won't be able to take other mods in lets say ntu? like different electives maybe? but at least it doesn't sound as hardcore as doing FASS (history) major in NUS. SEA history sounds fun! i was interested in south asian and south east asian studies offered by NUS FASS when i read about it. but SS sounds not as exciting hahaha. will i be able to take lets say tamil/history or english/history as my AS2? with history being my AS1..
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