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July 2014

Kushi Japanese Dining Bar (Open)
Japanese Buffet Lunch

Date: 12th July 2014 (Saturday)
Location: 36 Newton Road, #03-01, Hotel Royal
Time: 11.30am - 2.30pm
Price: S$44.90++ (Classic) or S$64.90++ (Premium)

Take note, there are 2 buffet prices here and if we differ from the choice the others made, we will be forced to sit at different tables since there will be no mixing. Example, Classic buffet will sit at one table and Premium in another table. Please indicate which buffet you will like to have below.

I will stop at a maximum of 8 persons based on first come first serve basis. If you decided to join the outing, please PM me your contact number.

Participants :-
1. twtan (Premium)
2. Beta_Tester (Premium)
3. duriand24 (Premium)
4. DEATHANGELX (Premium)

5. samba fan (Premium)
6. Clay Pot (Premium)
7. jgyy1990 (Premium)

- Newly added
Open - This outing is open for members to join.
Closed - Outing ended or number of participants reached.
Postponed - Waiting for a confirm date or a future outing.
Click to join >> [B][COLOR="Red"][url=][COLOR="Red"][U]HWZ's Makan Session[/U][/COLOR][/url][/COLOR][/B][/SIZE]

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