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I was still planning to go to Straits Cafe. Always walked past in and beo the people eating happily. maybe I shall stick with Buffet town.

btw, anybody tried buffet CITY? at tanjong pagar cc. halal. no gst. if pay online, another 10% discount.
Buffet town is even worse. I still don't get why people like it and why there is always quite a queue. Maybe the quality has returned... but when I last went there, it was horrible. I think it was Father's Day and the food spread was nonexistent. The counters and space were there but the food was invisible. You have to specifically request for the food to be made visible. The oysters were even worse - they gave them out like precious candies and it was impossible to get any (not an issue for me since I don't eat oysters). So, it's quite an objective review. Oh, the coffee was nice.

Then again, I have friends who love that place...

But yeah, try Straits Cafe. It's worth a try. Personally I don't mind revisiting it or most places... but when I bring my parents out, I try to give them a good spread so this place is out. (But alas, I have small pockets so finding places is always an issue )
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