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Buffet town is even worse. I still don't get why people like it and why there is always quite a queue. Maybe the quality has returned... but when I last .... for me since I don't eat oysters). So, it's quite an objective review. Oh, the coffee was nice.

Then again, I have friends who love that place...

But yeah, try Straits Cafe. It's worth a try. Personally I don't mind revisiting it or most places... but when I bring my parents out, I try to give them a good spread so this place is out. (But alas, I have small pockets so finding places is always an issue )
Buffet Town actually has a large spread, n certain items not bad. Since i have only been there for weekday lunches, there were no issues with food availability n such. Just that their dinner n weekend pricing not attractive, so i did not try.

Straits cafe was good. But last visit was disappointing. Slow replenishment of food, including the durian paste. Nicer items changed to something else after 1 or 2 refills ... mini crab legs ...

Wats your budget?

Food expert Leng be be and Kahlan advise not to try . 不是人吃的
They were selling vouchers at 1 time. Saw the menu and it was yucks. For non hotel buffets, places like buffet town, 1 kitchen n momiji are still safer bets. Sakura n tat place in central also okay.

Marriott, Triple Three or Lime for buffet lunch? Using UOB voucher to claim
Marriott's lunch is decent. 333 only went for dinner. Did not try lime b4, but saw their spread twice. Very small. Dun feel like eating.
Busy eating .... ;-D

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