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Buffet Town actually has a large spread, n certain items not bad. Since i have only been there for weekday lunches, there were no issues with food availability n such. Just that their dinner n weekend pricing not attractive, so i did not try.

Straits cafe was good. But last visit was disappointing. Slow replenishment of food, including the durian paste. Nicer items changed to something else after 1 or 2 refills ... mini crab legs ...

Wats your budget?

They were selling vouchers at 1 time. Saw the menu and it was yucks. For non hotel buffets, places like buffet town, 1 kitchen n momiji are still safer bets. Sakura n tat place in central also okay.

I suggest 333. Did not try lime b4, but saw their spread twice. Very small. Dun feel like eating.
I went to buffet town as there was a raving review on Straits Times then... but I ended up disappointed. Since you guys like the spread and I didn't, I can only guess there is no quality (quantity) control.

Budget is around $50 nett lor... small pockets here.
(Still looking for a suitable place with ambience and good spread.)

Tried 1 kitchen, momiji and Sakura already. Not sure what "tat place in central" refers to...
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