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Hello Darkortal,

How often to service your units is always dependent on your usage/environmental factors.

A rough guide would be that for daily users, it is recommended to service your units every 3-4 months. Especially for those with children/pets/smokers whereby the units will tend to get dirtier due to powder/fur/cigarette smoke

For the average users every 6 months and once a year for those that seldom use their units.

What you can do for self upkeep will be to wash your aircon filters regularly and also wipe the exterior of your units 1-2 times a week. Some brands allow easy removal of vanes etc that makes the upkeeping job easier.

What you can also do would be to ask your appointed contractor after your servicing how often would you need to service your units. They should be able assess the current condition of your units and advise accordingly for your consideration.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Jason Tham

how often should we service the air con and what self service can we do?
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