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If I may comment, quote is still reasonable,
I personally, I don't bother to spend more $$$ and even willing to give kopi money for the job done nicely, as appreciation.
But if you anyhow choose vendor based on cheapest one, you will risk the job not done properly, end up wasting your time and $$$ and more headache.
My suggestion is to check the quality of the vendor, rather than tempted with cheap proposal or sweet talk. And do not hesitate to ask question or to check when they carry out the job, to make sure you got what you already paid.
Its time to open it here on the table, which vendor is good, and which vendor is not good, so bad experience won't happen to other.
Let the vendor think, if their name and image are not good, because the way they carried the job not good, it is their option.
Remember, people talk based on their experience.
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