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silius mobile is the one with shop at woodlands right?

another one buysellstation also the same. they posted a pre-owned game on gametrader then contact them and asked them to reserve for me and they said ok then went down tell me sold.

post bad review on them then they post back the same on me and defame me then use 2 clones to give themselves gd rating to cover up the bad one i gave lol

now i only goto those with gd rep like funzcentre or zepy or wargames.
thats why I amazon and since I'm sucker for R1 games

if I know universal is R1, then if gan cheong then I'll just buy off qisahn wargames etc.
all the CE etc automatic is from amazon for me

I rather pay more than to risk losing my preorder or game
3DS and console modding service available.

Those wanna tongpang amazon, can PM
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