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i took a leap of faith too for es5. and also, there were not many reviews back then.

haha i only believe in burn in to a mild extent. my es5 fresh from the box was okay for me.

i agree that ue11 is not as good as es5 but i like it more bc it's less intimate/warm and it was my first custom iem haha.

es5's eartips are really good. the sound isolation is the best i ever had.

afterall, it's a sound taste preference i guess...

i like this kinda sound; jm lab or focal as it's known now has transparent sound. i'm listening through my macbook air speakers. i have heard a few focal systems myself in person and it's the same transparent kinda sound.

Accuphase / JM Lab Alto Utopia - YouTube

there's something about wide soundstage and airy sound. it's energetic and like a breath of fresh cool air

UM's acrylic shells seem to be of inferior quality as compared to Noble Audio. NA's shell designs and quality are really outstanding. at least from the photos.
I've had my Miracle for more than 2 years.
Still perfectly fine.


Do you own UM customs or reshells?
Coz their quality lasts longer than it looks.
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