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Time to bring out the Cut Fruits and Ice Creams. For ice cream, they only have the green tea flavour topped with red bean. On my first trip, they were only two types of fruit while my second visit had honeydew, rock melon and watermelon.

Classic Buffet's Bill - If you can do without some of the dishes like the scallop sashimi, eel, ikura sushi or even the seasonal item, then by all means that the cheaper option which cost S$52.85, a good S$23.55 cheaper.

Premium Buffet's Bill - After adding in the 10% service charge and 7% GST, each of us ended up paying S$76.40.

Kushi Japanese Dining Bar is one of the better Japanese ala carte buffet place featuring a nice menu selections. With a cosier and spacious new location, it's now more accessible to most of us since the Novena MRT is just a stone's throw away. For the premium buffet, we weren't really impressed with the season item offered like the fishy red snapper. The Ultra King Prawn Tempura also lack the freshness as was the sweet shrimp. Plus point was the thick cuts of the sashimi which was the main reason we were there for. Service wise, the wait staffs were prompt and efficient in clearing the empty plates and topping up our drinks.

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