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Hi I Just came back from south NZ trip one month ago. Took the alpine route and west coast of south NZ. Travelled on SQ direct flight to Christchurch. The alpine and west coast was very scenic and a must visit if you can. The weather is bearable if you can bring layering - 3 layers.

We climbed like 200 m above sea level on Fran Joseph glacier. Comparably easier climb than our bukit timah hill. But still strenuous, and out of breadth when we reach the 200 m. More siong than running 2.4 km.

Went to Milfred Sound too, not advisable to self drive to milfred sound, cos of the long long long journey. We were lucky. Spotted dolphins and fur seals. Bring along your packed sandwich and fruits if you don't want to spend NZD30 for a simple bento in the cruise ship.

Lake Tekapo is very beautiful. The Peppers Blue Resort near lake Tekapo is very nice accommodation and the food in the restaurant is the best of all my days stayed in NZ. Considering that the area used to glaciers a long time ago.
which tour agency did u go with for the milfred sound? So its a 1 day trip? How much was it?
Much tahnks
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