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I joined Chan Brothers package tour - NZ south alpine trip sgd 3232 SQ direct to Christchurch. they hired a New Zealand driver and bus who took us all around all of NZ including milfred sound. Fitzpatrick Coachlines | Fitzpatrick Coachlines Ltd. Milfred Sound day trip was an optional, so additional NZD 226 per person.

Travelled from Queenstown to Milfred Sound and back to Queenstown in one day. One day is enough unless you want to trek and explore the wilderness. I would have preferred to spend more time in Lake Tekapo cos the place is simply beautiful.

Left Queenstown hotel for milfred sound at 7 am, along the way, took many shots of sunrise, drive through the heavy fogs. We stopped at Pop Inn Cafe for quick sandwich lunch, reached Milfred Sound quarter before 1 pm just in time for the cruise which starts at 1 pm. Went on the cruise to see the Milfred Sound, we left the cruise terminal at about 330 pm. My mistake in earlier post, cruise took about 1 hr 45 mins; not 3 hrs.

The route from the cruise terminal back to Queenstown took more than 4 hours reaching the hotel at 8 pm.
We went through the homer tunnel, 1.2 km long road tunnel that pierce the Darren mountain linking Milfred Sound to Te Anau and Queenstown. Stopped by the Hollyford waterfall and drive around lake Te Anau back to Queenstown.

NZ has short daylights, driving through the fiord lands, the roads are not lighted, the stars in the sky are therefore more visible. We get free star gazing in the bus while driving in the dark around the bends of roads.

Depending on road conditions, there are times the roads are closed and Milfred Sound becomes impassable.
If you are planning on a day trip to MS, check out the few bus tours available on the internet, you might be able to get good deal with discounts and free bento / sandwich lunch on board the cruise.

I found that hotels in NZ provided some travel brochures for Queenstown to MS day trips and they provided rather good discounts in the travel brochures. Similarly for the helocopter rides for the fox glaciers, and jet boat rides Do check out these travel brochures in the hotel.

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