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MO: Oakley | Ray Ban | Persol Sunglasses (10% Off)

Oakley Sunglasses!

Oakley Eyewear

Where do they come from? Are they genuine? How can I trust you?

All the orders will come from US, 100% Genuine else 2x Refund. Read my comments on the 2nd post for my past comments. We have been doing MO and selling on HWZ for 7 years, and Branded Sunglasses MO about 2-3 years back.

What will my order come with?

Original Box/Case and all the original paperwork and cloth.

Waiting Time

1. Orders will be send fortnightly/ monthly. Waiting time is minimum of 4 weeks, and is only shipped by Fedex for assurance of items. Unexpected delays like festive seasons etc, things would be a little slower, so do be patient.*Only Order if you can wait and not in a rush!

2. If your watch is On back order/OOS or whether there is possibility of waiting to for it, we will inform you ASAP, and refund if needed or push back to come with the next MO.

How to enquire on price?
1. Check your the given websites above for your favoured models.

2. Drop us a message at 9-7-5-7-4-5-3-Five with your model/#SKU number for us to refer

3. We will respond ASAP for your quotation

How to order?
Drop us an email with the format as below.

Special Discounts
Our price quoted are final.
We offer special price to >2 pairs or bulk orders made, just let us know

First Payment: Requirement deposit of $50, non-refundable once order has been made.
Second Payment: After order arrives, Cash-on-delivery for the rest
- POSB Savings Account:186-33064-1
(Do send the details once transferred)

Collection Method
i) Self Collect at Block 916, Hougang Ave 9
ii) Smartpac Deliver (1 to 3 working days) or Next Day Courier Delivery (1 working day)

**Please read all the above and agree to the Terms & Conditions, join only if you’re comfortable with it.

Terms & Conditions
1. Your order will only be made after payment is made.
2. Please check availability of item with us before order.
3. There will be no extra/hidden charges incurred after quoted price.
4. We reserve the right to cancel any orders, but refunds will be given.
5. We reserve the right to reject anyone’s order, without any reason.
6. Do not order if you cannot wait, as there might be unforeseen delays.
7. Please do not sms/email us to ask about when it will reach me, we will update as and when updates are available.
8. By joining the Order, you agree to the above terms & Conditions.
Stay Strong, End Strong.

MO: Oakley | Ray Ban | Persol Sunglasses (10% Off)

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