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Is it easy to find petrol kiosks in NZ?
It's not like S'pore, you have to top up when you are at the big towns.

- I find it reasonably easy, just top up whenever you see one.. You'll definitely see one every 50 - 100km.

How about parking at places of interest and hotels/apartments?
Mostly is free, hotels depends.

- We have not spent a single cent on parking the whole 13days driving there.

Since NZ is so large country, would we end up driving alone with no other cars in sight?

- Definitely, sometimes you'll go 30mins to 1hr alone during winter. But thats one of my purpose going there, away from crowd.

Possible to pick up car at one place and return at another?
Yup possible.

- Most people pick up from north island then drop off at south island, some pick up from CHC and drop off from Queenstown.
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