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As long as you don't drive early in the morning i'm sure you will not have black ice problem. Its recommended to start your drive after 10am. Handling of car? The cars there should be exactly like here, same goes for the traffic rules.. We drove a huge 6 berth camper and have no problem at all. If you're driving around town only, I believe you will not need snow chains. Normally you'll need snow chains only at some passes... It really depends on where you're travelling. any plans yet?
What I meant was if braking all that will be affected by the condition of the roads during winter, but I suppose if no black ice should be fine since there won't really be snow right?

Will be staying in Wellington, probably will plan a drive up to Auckland by a coastal route, haven't really made fixed plans yet because we will be there for a few months haha.

Will be visiting South Island probably in spring (nov) so road conditions shouldn't be much of a problem by then?
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