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So we work every 3 days shift and one day off?

And what are the job scopes we're doing, i doubt is just sitting down there and chop passports for all year long. Is the job very stressful?
And how's the increment like? How long you will be promote and rise in salary.
I heard from my friend in ica, junior officers can entitle to OT pay. If your performance is poor, your rank will be stuck for long. Just like in the SAF.
for normal team is mm, nn, o, aa, o

job scope got different types. most of the time initially just sit down chop passports, even for senior officers.
after sometime maybe can go to different job like check car. check lorry, anti smuggling & profiling, etc.
last time increment is fixed. now I heard they go by performance. better officers get higher increment, though not by much.
check with your friends in ica. they should have clearer picture.
my info may be outdated.
anyway I heard joining and retention bonus is quite a lot.
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