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i see. you go 1st and FR this CC5 leh . it's MIM right? mine 175/65/14. i only changing end of yr.
Cc5 is MIM. Stated on the wheels itself

Went to swee hing and change my tyres. It's opposite e hawk Tayar at taman sentosa

Tyres r rm220 each for my 195/50 r15. Made in week 48, 2013. Include balancing and wheel alignment. They took my car for a test drive twice. Not sure if that's e usual practice though

Changed from Bridgestone pontenza tires which was noisy.

Tyres feel good. (Which new tyres doesn't?) below 40km/h, there's abt 80% reduction in road noise (especially going over those school zone). Going over rough patches in the e'way and I feel the road noise was reduced by abt 50%

Fuel consumption wise, no comments yet. But I felt more inclined to push the accelerator harder coz with new tyres, it just accelerate easier.

Compared to a set of toyo tyres which I changed for my ex ride, i feel it's almost identical for road noise. Comfort wise, definitely better than my pontenza (already a 3 yr old tyres)

Haven tried in wet condition yet. But for rm220 (sgd88 based on exchange 2.50), I feel it's pretty good

Probably gonna try the Michelin xm2 on my nx ride. Let's c how it goes.
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