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Hi sellun,

Thanks for the valuable info.
We're now thinking of taking 1 day cruise at Doubtful Sound.
The pickup time from Te Anau is 8:45am & for the same cruise, I saw the pickup time from Q'town is 6:55am.

If I left Q'town at 6am to Te Anau, I should be in front of the pickup bus
The shorter day during winter, black-ice on road & road closures are few factors which I forgot to take note for my driving trip
Hi. In your case, why don't you take up the package from QT instead of driving to Te Anau?? Why would you want to drive all the way up there for 1 night then back to dunedin??? (BTW there's no night life up @ te anau, especially during winter)

ANW I would not recommend you to leave town at 6am, the roads there DOES NOT have any lights and the sun rise is at like 7.30am?? It will be total darkness

Please don't compare youself and the bus there.. The bus drivers travel the same road several times everyday for however long they worked, they will know every single corner and rockfall area. You'll be driving in an unfamiliar place.. QT to te anau will be filled with winding roads + snow + ice? It would be very dangerous to travel if you add in the lack of light and racing against time factor.

NZ is a wonderful place to relax and take a break from our fast paced lifestyle. I would recommend you to take their coach service if possible and be the passenger to enjoy the wonderful view

Enjoy and travel safe!

P.S. I recommend milford over doubtful, you can google for alot of comparison in the net
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