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I'm not so sure about kayaking at doubtful, but rosco's milford do have winter kayaking. .....
Won't do kayaking/long walk/hiking, especially not in chilly winter

nevertheless zoer your updated itinerary looks good! franz to QT will be a very long drive.. should take longer than 6hrs.. and regarding the night @ mt cook, if you're just staying there for 1 night with no activity... i would recommend lake tekapo instead, beautiful small town to relax before you end your beautiful holiday. You can save that 1-2hrs of return travelling time as well.
Have fun! NZ is an awesome country
I purposely want to stay at Mt. Cook since it's a ulu place.
On the way to CCH, we plan to buy salmon at Pukaki Info Center, then spend 1-2hr @Lake Tekapo.
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