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for some reason I can't open the link, but I agree with alpc, focus on either north or south. I would prefer south, but it is up to you.
Early to mid aug is still very much in the winter season, days are shorter and probably just have to take care of the wet road.

Hi guys I've looked at 1 sample itinerary from page 9 or 10 (can't remember) for a 18-19 days New Zealand Trip. I am not planning to stay that long maybe max 14 days.

Would someone knowledgable help me to shave off 4-5 days from this itinerary.

Also I have confidence in my driving (in Indonesia), but not too sure of how it might work out in New Zealand. Is is tricky to drive in early to Mid August?

Thanks guys, this is the itinerary that I was talking about. (Ps: thanks to the original owner)

NZ Trip Iti Final


Traveling with wife only
Should I book the car and hotels in advance here or when I'm in NZ?
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