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Hi all,

Can you confirm that those DVB-T2 receiver you guys bought from Aliexpress can do EPG recording? I asked the Sinho seller. He has no idea what I am talking.

EPG recording means this, Eg. you see Germany vs Argentina to be aired on channel 5 4am~7am next Monday. You see this on the EPG & just click on it & let the unit sits there & by Monday, it will automatically record the program start time & ends at program end time according to the EPG.

I am surprised ShinHo does not know what is EPG recording when he sold many such units.

Your answer will be appreciated. Thanks for being helpful in the channel.

Confirm can. But it is not as easy as clicking on the programme. If I did not remember wrongly, you need to specify the starting time, ending time, and date after you clicked on the OK button.

Also you need to format your portable media to FAT32 before you can record.

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