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I think it may depend on the firmware on the receiver box. Once it detects your external USB is FAT32, it should assumed that it can't write beyond 4G & break the recording into the next file... anyway, do try with the special FAT32 & don't mind the trouble trying NTFS to see if the recording still breaks into multiple 4G files or not.

Anyway, I ordered the last box in the picture I showed as it said it works with NTFS, FAT32 & FAT16 for playback... not sure about recording though... but heck it...

What I meant to say in my earlier post is that: Windows cannot format drives and partitions larger than 32GB in FAT32. This limitation can be overcome by using 3rd party software such as the one in the link I provided earlier.

You are right that recordings bigger than 4G are broken into multiple 4G files in the disk when I viewed the contents from my PC. However, I have also noted that the firmware displayed the recordings as a single file when I accessed it for playback. So no issue in playback when connected to STB but may cause some confusion when playback from PC.

BTW, mine is the first one in your posting. It clearly states that it only support FAT32.

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