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Second thing I would like to clarify is: If I buy a second TV for my bedroom and it is a DVB-T2 ready model, would plugging into the SCV box give me all the FTA HD channels? Or I still have to buy an antennae?
Plugging SCV STBs into any TV will only give you whatever StarHub can provide right now, i.e. HD5 and others SD FTA channels.

To watch HD FTA channels, you'll need external antenna. A powered antenna costing $20-60 will be ideal. If that particular bedroom's window is in a favourable location, i.e. facing Bukit Timah Hill, you might be able to receive the HD FTA channels just using a homemade, DIY passive antenna costing from just $8 (materials fee). Info on how to DIY one has already been extensively discussed on this forum.
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