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My ac ryan antenna arrived this evening. Did a quick test and below are my observations. Main antenna build quality is ok, but amplifier box and power adaptor is not. Cables provided are not long enough, so antenna can be deployed around a radius of about 1.5m from your TV. Did a single auto channel scan and it picks up all the mediacorp dvb-t2 channels but not the dvb-t channels.

Also, in comparison to my amazon antenna, ac ryan's antenna signal fluctuates a lot. It may be due to the antenna not being placed high enough (due to the short cable); simply walking past the antenna will almost always cause a sharp drop in signal (to almost zero), which either freeze the screen or distort the image. Placing it near windows (if you can) and facing it outwards may eliminate these short-comings. At a price of $29, this is probably a good buy for those looking for cheap and reasonable antenna.

P/S: Overall, amazon antenna has much better design and build quality as well as good signal stability. I love my amazon antenna and cannot be parted from it, so will setup the ac ryan antenna at my parent's place instead.
bro, ur amazon is the high performance? is it better than the ac ryan? i got a idea, plug that amazon antenna into the amplifier then amplifier to TV, is that better?
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