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hi all, first of i want to say how useful this thread has been, i've gone from knowing absolutely NOTHING about airconditioning units to at least knowing some basic valuable stuff, very useful indeed.

Now, i'm looking to purchase a system 3 unit for my flat, at the moment i have an extremely old system 2 unit and an existing powersupply output for the condenser. However, it seems that according to the HDB website, my block was not fitted with higher electrical loading and according to them, if i use my existing approved air-con point is no issue BUT what i want to know is will there be any problems or adverse effects should i try to use my old powersupply point with these new system 3 units.

Also, based on useful information found in this thread, i have came across 3 websites offering decent prices, COOLSERVE, CT-Aircon & STL aircon, are there any other good recommendations for shops/websites where i won't get chopped?

Based on BTU calculators, it seems that i require about 9000BTU for each of my rooms, maybe one of the room's will require less because i can see usage in that room being particularly minimal, anything else i need to take note of?

Thank you all once again for the input and information, keep it going, the information that can be found here is more valuable than a 1000 salesmen haha!
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