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Just rec'd my Playon Live today and connect to my Panasonic Plasma 1080i TV(yes, I know it's a old set).

Did the setup as follows:
1. Plug in power adapter, connect the HDMI and slot batteries to remote.
2. Connect my MATV antenna to playon and antenna cable from playon to TV.
3. Scan for all channels using auto mode.

Channels scanned - HD - Ch 5, 8, Vas, Suria
NonHD - Ch 8, 5, CNA
Others(not stated as HD or SD) - Ch CNA, U, Okto,
HD channels all rated at 90% signal strength.

Current viewing experience is tat HD channels vs analogue resolution, standing 1 metre away is tat there is a difference but not very significant. Tat could be bec my TV is only 1080i but I believe it's also bec it's a plasma with great upscaling ability. Why this believe?...that's bec I've a 32inch led TV in the room and the difference bet SD and HD is very significant tat I actually go `Wah, HD much better'.

The only `bug' right now is tat I plug in my external 2.5inch HDD and playon not recognizing the HDD. Tried two HDD, one is a 1TB Seagate and the other is a 2TB WD.

Manual enclose is sparse.....minimal info on basic setup with no other info eg, if u're connecting to MATV antenna.

Will need to get back to ACRyan on why the set is not recognizing the HDD. Ok, latest update....I power off/on and now it's able to read my 1TB HDD....but seems a little unstable as it's shows as connected and then disconnect a few times. Now can play a movie in avi and mkv format. Will try other formats as I go along. Note tat this is just initial viewing impressions and have no time to view full movies to see how the playon will react after a few hrs of viewing time.

As mentioned, manual is very sparse...thus, u've to play around the remote to use various functions. Movie titles only hve 19 alpha numerics display...thus, cannot see full title.

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