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I dun have the 6V adapter!!! By the way, I din use the signal amp. I connect directly using the booster antenna and all channel is out.

Damn.. Where is the 6v adapter???

By the way, my signal strength is 90% without the signal amplifier. Need to put on the window. Maybe it should be better if use signal amp and put it at other place rather than window area.
The booster antenna has a high gain, and as such certain users (depending on location) may not have to use the signal amplifier - for example, in our office at Kaki Bukit, we are able to receive all channels with just the booster antenna alone.

If you are using the signal amp and "Antenna Power" OR switch on signal amplifier is not set to "ON", Playon! LIVE will not be able to receive anything.

This is similar to if I were to turn on the TV without turning on the wall plug.

Once again, for benefit of all users and also for clarity's sake, in-the-box is 1 x Booster Antenna and 1 x Signal Amplifier.

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