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Thank you for your reply. Now I managed to get the channel, but I need to place the antenna at a specific location to have the channels play smoothly.

I have another problem is that, the device can detect my portable harddisk, but I can't record because the device prompt that the harddisk speed is too slow for recording.

I am using a WD (My Passport) USB 3.0 portable harddisk. And when it did manage to record, the audio was not recorded.

Please advice. Thank you.

Hi kevyanhw, when using the Signal Amplifier, please ensure the following:

- Under "Tools" (4th icon in Menu), select "Others" and ensure Antenna Power is set to "On"
- Ensure the switch on your Signal Amplifier is set to "On"

When you position the indoor antenna, you would preferably want to place it away from electronics or other signal emitting devices (e.g. microwave, Wi-Fi router). Please try and let us know your findings.
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