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Manual enclose is sparse.....minimal info on basic setup with no other info eg, if u're connecting to MATV antenna.
We designed the Playon! LIVE to be as user friendly as possible, and both the Playon! LIVE & the Booster Antenna works best with each other, as this is what they were made for and tested.

There are too many combos for doing this - different TV brands, antenna setup (Playon! Booster Antenna/ passive indoor antenna/ other antenna brands/ with or without signal amplifier/ MATV antenna/ rooftop external antenna), houses, locations) - that it wouldn't be practical to list down all

Besides, MATV can easily be confused with the SCV cable point for the uninitiated who are not as techy as yourself

We are keen to hear your feedback bro, please update or PM us if there's anything we can do to improve.
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