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Hi ACeRyan,

Thanks for your quick reply.. There's no signal amplifier in my PLAYONLINE box. there's only a small antenna. I don't think i bought the amplifier.. must buy separately or won't be able to receive any digital channels? The playonline box is useless without it?
You are most welcome joshszz! Yes you are right, the Booster Antenna is sold separately and will also contain the signal amplifier.

Let us try and shine some light on this:

We all know that Singapore is just rolling out DVB-T2, hence not all areas have signal coverage as yet. With the Booster Antenna, we aim to overcome this issue by increasing signal reception in areas outside of the coverage.

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For instance, if you are in AMK, the simple antenna packaged along with Playon! LIVE will do, but if you are not within the signal coverage, then you will need to use the Booster Antenna.

So as you can see, eventually when island wide coverage is available, any simple antenna will be able to receive.
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