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Ooo. u mean that the Booster Antenna was not meant to work alone as an antenna?? Haha

The brand of my TV is LG and I just connect it straight to the Antenna port of the TV. With the added amplifier, I can get most of the HD channels occasionally but just channel u cannot.

Last night I can get 6 channels under digital signal but no HD5 and Channel u.

BTW, I have also purchase the Playon! Live. Is there any way of recording digital tv using my exisiting HDD recorder and connecting to Playon! Live??
Please don't twist my words like that!!

You managed to get Suria, CNA & okto?

Recording can be done via USB on the Playon! LIVE. You can't do HDD recording via HDD recorder if it is HDMI in, due to HDCP.

You can however, use AV-in recording, but it defeats the purpose of receiving HD channels then.
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