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Hello all, would just like to provide an update on my ongoing search and sourcing for system 3 aircon after my recent post, hope this helps people who are also looking at the moment and hopefully can get some more suggestions/recommendations from you all..

I went to COOLSERVE at Joo Seng Road, their salesman seemed quite professional, initially i inquired about MSXY-FD10VA x 3 for 3 bedrooms, was told it was out of stock so i asked about MSY-GE10VA x 3 which was my second choice anyway, got a quote of $2953.2 for this system 3.

Parts and installation include 3/8" Armaflex insulation, 23 gauge pipping, 16mm PVC pipping, Keystone wiring. Asked about upgrading to 1/2" and 22 gauge but was told that mostly condo units use this and not really required for HDB. Can anyone confirm if this is true and so far, with 3/8" and 23 gauge, have there been any problems?

Warranty includes 1 year on spare parts by agent including PCB(i remembered to ask specifically), 5 year on compressor by agent and 1 year on workmanship by COOLSERVE. They do not offer extended warranty which usually includes servicing packages.

Next, i went to STL aircon at Biztech center only to find out that they were closed because of company event so i left for CT Air-Con at Midview City.

Was honestly quite disappointed by the sales people there(CT aircon) , first a china girl came out when i told her i was there for a quotation, after asking her a few questions, it was clear that she did not know anything about aircons, asked her about what the warranty covered if it included PCB, she did not know what the PCB is, she did not know the difference between compressor and condenser, she was not able to tell me much else. The price she quoted me for the MSY-GE10VA x 3 was more than what is being advertised on their website, when i asked her why it was so, she told me that their website has not been updated for very long which did not give me a good impression.

After a while, another guy came out and while he seemed more knowledgeable, he seemed reluctant to answer my questions and tried to push me MHI saying that they offered a $200 NTUC voucher so final price was around $2700+. While i was not against MHI, i did not really like their general attitude and service, especially when compared to COOLSERVE.

I am keen to place my order by end of this week so that i can settle this soon, so far am willing to give another 2-3 days for new lobangs, any have any opinions so far?
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