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Please don't twist my words like that!!

You managed to get Suria, CNA & okto?

Recording can be done via USB on the Playon! LIVE. You can't do HDD recording via HDD recorder if it is HDMI in, due to HDCP.

You can however, use AV-in recording, but it defeats the purpose of receiving HD channels then.
Haha.. I managed to get Suria, CNA and Okto last night.. But I haven't switch on my tv today yet so don't know the the channels are still there or not...

I am a bit of a tech noob.. So u are saying i can connect and record using the DVD recorder using the 3 colors cable to Playon! Live but it will not be in HD?

The only way to record HD shows will be using the USB for those portable hard disk?

Something like that?
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