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I'm a little muddle headed and can't grasp wat exactly u're saying but let me know for ur mum current set up, if it's item 1 or 2 below? Or, I've totally misunderstood?
1. MATV point > TV signal Booster > TV.
2. Portable TV antenna with signal Booster > TV
Living room using T2 tv and have both Starhub wall and MATV.
So now using Starhub wall point but limited to RTM1. Last time using old tv connected to MATV, need to use that old v shape antenna booster(spoilt now) to get Indo or other malaysian channels like Tv3 my question is how to watch other indo and malaysian channels now apart from the t2 free to air channels? Are there different type of indoor antennas? Those old v shape and the current digital antennas, do they serve the same purpose?

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