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Thanks all for this informative thread.

To Terumo and all, appreciate if you can give your 2 cents on my situation.

I have an old HDB Terrace at Stirling Road with a big living room downstairs and 3 bedroom upstairs. Inherited this current aircon system from previous owner. Currently a system 2 (8k BTU for both) for the living room downstairs and the Master bedroom upstairs. The other 2 bedrooms are on individual window units.

Usage during day is master bedroom and living room and at night, is all three bedrooms.

Problem: The old system 2 aircon is not sufficient to cool the big living room downstairs so I thought of replacing it totally. I have 3 options, appreciate all helps and comments:

Option 1: Install a separate and new system 1 unit downstairs to add on to the current configuration. Ie, switching on current system 2 and then this new system 1 just to cool the living room every time I need.

Option 2: Replace the old System 2 to a new System 2 with the living room unit a much higher BTU.

Option 3: Replace all the aircon in the living room and 3 bedrooms with a new System 4. Highest cost but likely the highest energy efficiency.

Can anyone share their thoughts with me on which is the most preferred option among all 3?
Also, with option 2 and 3, to replace the system 2, can I use back old wiring and piping or have to install new ones?

Thank you all!
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