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Hello Crankcase

There limited brands with system 5 in the market.

2 brands that comes with System 5 models are Daikin (5MKS100LSG) and Toshiba (RAS5M41UACV).

However, the outdoor condensing unit is usually very big in dimension hence it would be the best to do some measurement before you proceed with purchase so as to ensure that it can fit into your window opening and ensure that the height of the condenser will not cause a blockage when you open your windows.

Another thing to consider will be to check the running amp for these models to ensure that it can be supported by the power limitation for your unit.
Usually system 5 is not used for HDB. Check with the stores or your appointed installers and they will be in a better position to advise.

You might want to consider 1 x System 3 + 1 x System 2 instead or 1 x system 4 + 1 x system 1.

Chances are if your unit is the old hdb as mentioned in your other posting, 2 condensers might not be allowed. Best to make a check with hdb and they will be able to advise.

Good Luck on your sourcing.

Best Regards,

Jason Tham

Hi, I'm looking for a System 5 inverter setup for my flat, but all the retailers I called (Courts, Best Denki, Harvey Norman, Gain City, etc) deal only with System 4 at most.

Any recommendations on which brands/models are available for System 5, and where to buy?

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