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Had a very bad experience with C.T aircon. Installed my Mitsubishi system 3 from them on 30/06/2014.

Purposely took a day leave on the day of installation which they promise to come at 10am. Instead, they called at 11am to say they will only come at 1pm. So no choice had to wait.

The whole installation took about 9hrs which only ended at 10+pm. Luckily it was done up.

Then after one week, on 6th July, noticed my master bedroom floor got a puddle of water. Realised that the leak was from the concealed trunking when the pipes are concealed and my wall was wet as well. Was surprised that it actually leaked only after one week.

Called them the next morning and explained the problem to them and asked to send their technician over to see. Was told they are only able to attend on earliest 21st July at 6-7pm. I was quite disappointed by their answer but no choice have to wait for two more weeks.

Then on 21st July, I purposely left my office to make myself available at home before 6pm in anticipation the technicians would turn up on time for the appointment and didn't even had my dinner. But to my disappointment, waited and waited no one called nor any technician turned up.

Feeling really pissed, I called their office the next morning to look for the lady who arranged my appointment on why no one called nor turn up as per her arrangements. Instead of apologizing, she even questioned me they didn't up? And told me why didn't I call yesterday to confirm the appointment? WTH, the date and time was arranged by them and they should be the one calling to remind or inform me.

Then, arranged another appointment today evening at 6-7pm for me again. As usual, I rushed home before 6pm to wait for them. No one turned up till 7.30pm I called their office. Another lady answered and told me their technician are on the way. I waited and didn't even dare to go out for my dinner. Guess what? They only arrived at 8.45pm and when I asked their technician why so late? One of them gave me an attitude and spoke to me rudely.

I showed them the leaking area. They opened up the pipe trunking and ask me for newspaper. Thought they are going to cover my cabinet to prevent them from getting wet.

Instead, the technician wanna squeeze the newspaper over the piping. I questioned him why is he doing that? He asked me do I only on one aircon every night. I say yes. He told thats why it leak and say it's normal. WTH.. So I asked him if buy system 3 I must on all three aircon so won't leak? Makes no logic at all. Trusted them to say such things and by squeezing the newspaper to cover the insulated pipes really makes them so unprofessional.

After saying that, I told him I don't want any newspaper to be squeeze into the insulated pipes since the pipes are are wet and water dripping. The newspaper will be wet and get contaminated in the concealed trunking. He gave me a fxxk up face and attitude and just cover back the trunking and just left.

Really very disappointed in their services. Is there any ways that I can lodge an complaint against them? Does lemon law apply since it's only installed for three weeks?

Hope to seek advices here.


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