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It is extremely stressful to do self guided tour to Europe, a place I hv never been to plus I seldom travel. After much research I m still not gaining enough confidence and felt really stressful knowing that I need to keep track on the opening dates for trains and flight bookings which are not yet open for next yr plus worrying about missed trains etc due to public transport delays n no choice hv to book expensive hotels near train stations. In the end I gave up. Have booked a 13d tour package that covers all my desired destinations plus a few more cities at around $3.5k, far below my budget of 5k per pax including meals and all transport. Downside is i will be travelling in early nov instead of my original plan in april nxt yr. I know I will be trading off my freedom. But its a dilemma for a first timer like me. Thanks for all your advices. They will come in handy for my future trip.
In that case, do a mixture. Extend your stay for a few more days in the last city where you can do F&E. That way you get some freedom, plus you already know part of the city.
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