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Hi everyone

This is getting confusing really.

My bday is on Jan 10 and i have booked my IPT-IPPT on 23/8/2014.

1) If i fail my IPT-IPPT on 23/8/2014, confirm 8 sessions of RT only and not 20 sessions?

2) Will this RT be in the last 3 months of my current window till 09/01/2015 or it will be extended to 12 months more which is Dec 2015?

3) Assuming i fail my IPT-IPPT on 23/8/2014 and finish RT within the 3 months timeframe as usual which means i will finish my 8 sessions before my 2015 window opens. Since the 8 sessions are all taken AFTER 1st Sept, do i have to book a separate IPPT test again when my window opens on Jan 10 2015, considering the fact that RT has been extended to 12 more months and I have already attempt the RT-IPPT. Will the RT-IPPT be considered as an attempt for the 2015 window, irregardless of whether i pass or fail? What happens if i fail this RT-IPPT? And what if this attempt was after Jan 10 2015 instead of below my 2015 window opens? What is the difference?

4) For my case, what is the best arrangement to start 2015 on a fresh record?
I'm assuming they grand father you from the old system.

1) Mostly likely 8. Follow old system.
2) Likely 9+3. So last 3 months for old system.
3) Regardless of RT on the 12+12 system, you MUST still attempt IPPT every birthday year!!!! Even if you have RT for the previous year that you will do in the current year.
4) Just pass the god damn IPPT. As the new system is so much flexible. All you need is 51 points!
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