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2) Even if i book my first RT session AFTER 1st Sept and finish the 8 sessions before my 2015 window open on Jan 10, still follow old system of 3 months?? But the RT-IPPT session will be the new 3 stations right??

3) Under last 3 months for old system, for example if i book the 8 RT sessions after 1st Sept and end before my 2015 window open on Jan 10 2015. Will RT-IPPT be consider as an attempt for 2015 year? Since now they extend 3+12. OR i have to book a new ippt test AFTER my 2015 window opens as a new record for new year??

Also clarify why do i have only 3 months under old system when i am booking my RT 8 sessions AFTER 1st Sept?
Anyone can help me with this? I am taking my IPT-IPPT on 23/8/2014 and i really need to know this. Vasilli07 can you help me please
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