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nothing announced how anyone tell you for sure.

what we can share with you is, during the last ippt change, you migrate to the new system only after your birthday. i.e. system change in Sept, birthday in Nov, you will be on old system, i.e RT for 3 months until Nov. then after Nov, you can use the new ippt system.

so this means that if they use the same way of migrating, you still have to finish up your current system of IPT/RT sessions before you current birthday/window.

but they gave people the option to switch to the new system via IPT the last round. I.e you do IPT instead of RT.

anyway. since your window is in Jan, and if time permits then you wait until sept lor.
i have book my IPT-IPPT on 23/8/2014. So that means as system change in Sept, my bday in Jan. I will still be under the old IPT system right of 8 session RT even if my RT 8 sessions are after 1st sept.

once i complete the 8 sessions before Jan 2015 i will have clear the 2014 window right? then 2015 will be a fresh start. can you elaborate on the switch to IPT instead of RT?
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