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Any one interested Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon? Pool together and buy.. If interested PM me.

. I am thinking of pooling together and negotiate. All transparent no personal commision or benefit involved. We ask for open quotation who ever offer best offer we close. You are free to bring quote from any of your sources.

I am looking at the following

Mitsubishi Starmex Air-con (For me Sys 3) your needs may vary Sys 2 or Sys 4
Installation Warranty (Want 5 years, need 3 years)
Air-Con Warranty (5 Years)
Compressor Warranty(5 years)
No transportation, no charges for installation and repair during warranty
Installation material. SWG 23 copper, 1/2" Insulator, 3C40/70 cables etc

(Optional) Steel bracket
(Optional) Power point installation
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