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Hi guys,

Back with some quotations from IMM for Mitsubishi Electric Starmex System 3 inverter
My house is an old one so i was told that i need to install 15A Socket, and also Steel Bracket for my compressor.

I asked for Mitsubishi Starmex and 2 shops told me that its a 7 year old model. Is this true?

Gaincity - $3853 with supposedly 5 year warranty on compressor and misc
Allbest - $3349
Best Denki - $3299

Is gaincity trying to rip me off? The base price for the system is $3229 then plus this la that la. Comes up to the above price. Feel like i should make a trip to STLaircon and Coolserve.

Also, are the above price range normal for a house with no air con previously thus needed a fresh installation plus bracket and 15a socket.

The best Denki guy also mentioned that I cant turn on 3 blowers at one time because the compressor cant cope with 3x9000 BTU blowers running at one shot. He recommeneded me Daikin LJ series instead.

Any kind souls can share their thoughts would be great. Im trying to get the air con in asap. Many Thanks!
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